The Ascari project was a 3-year project that was unique in many ways . It all started with the plan of a wealthy Dutchman to build a race circuit near Rhonda, southern Spain. This became the Ascari Resort.

At our first visit to the location there was nothing at all, except for a lot of plans and a piece of land. We worked closely with the client’s team to set up the entire brand with a number of sub-labels for the resort, the race academy and the race team. We developed the full identity of the brand and the translation of it into everything that has to do with the brand. From napkin rings to helicopter stickers and from furniture to interior branding of the interior of the Ascari KZ1 supercar. We also organized the opening event at which the Ascari KZ1 would be revealed to a very exclusive audience for the first time.

Ascari Race Resort


Ascari Race Resort



A globally selected group of car enthusiasts and potential buyers of the KZ1 received a special and personalized invitation. This group was picked up with a private jet and then flown in by helicopter at the Ascari resort to be immersed in the world of Ascari during a 2-day event.

Ascari Brochure





The unveiling of the Ascari KZ1 supercar was a special moment that was preceded by an extensive dinner on the pit lane of the circuit. With the theme 1001 nights we provided a unique dinner followed by a spectacular ‘unveiling’ of the supercar accompanied by music from Slagerij Van Kampen.



Ascari Formule 1


Ascari Team


The resort is still used for private bookings where people with friends can race on the circuit. But brands like Bentley and Porsche also use the circuit for presentations of new models and for recording promotional films.