Yesterday we visited the Moco boutique museum in Amsterdam with the entire Martin and Lewis gang. It is always inspiring – in this case from an art perspective – to look at creativity in a completely different way. Works by Banksy, Warhol but also Hirst, Lichtenstein, Basquiat and Arsham make us think and give us different insights. They inspire us in other ways of communication that we could also apply in our own work.

That is why these kind of visits are so incredibly valuable. Powerful to see how, if you go all the way back to the essence, you can create the iconic Mickey Mouse from Walt Disney with 12 different dots (Hirst). But you can also make solid (political) statements with only one image and without text (Banksy).

If I compare this with the conversations we regularly have with brands about the huge pile of information they want to put into a campaign, then these kinds of examples can also help in the discussion to communicate with much less to achieve bigger impact.

Because these artists too have become international brands, with their own style and way of communicating. What is so good about it is that they challenge topics, make statements, look critically at themselves, but above all have the guts to do something that others don’t do and therefore dare to be vulnerable.

I sometimes miss this in the way brands talk, having the guts to do something else. Not for the sake of being different but more because it fits with who you are and what you stand for. And sometimes doing something that has not yet been done includes the acceptance that you do not know what it will deliver. However, doing what you always did is usually not enough (anymore).

That’s why an agency should also challenge our brand.
Be surprised and go for succes together!