Care Plus® has been the market leader in healthy and safe travel for more than 25 years. Whether you go out in the local countryside, go on holiday in Europe, or travel to a tropical destination: Care Plus® is there for the best advice, tips and products for a carefree journey!

After the successful campaign in 2018 , it was time to tackle matters bigger and further strengthen the (online) authority. Together with Care Plus® we have fully examined their brand identity. This translates into a complete new website in multiple languages ​​that is much more based on the needs of the visitor instead of presenting products only. In addition, a great deal of new content, advertisements and extensive online campaigns (display, video, social) and a new packaging line that was tested in collaboration with partner Validators for shelf presence, were worked on.

And there is more to tell about this brand because the entire Care Plus® team is also on a mission to defeat malaria. We are also happy to help with this, because a disease that makes millions of people sick every year and is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths a year must be fought hard.