Fight is the youth label of the Dutch Cancer Society. To show young people how suddenly cancer can control your life and turn everything upside down, we made a film. This film shows a great diversity of recognizable moments at lightning speed, of which there are always a number that appeal to the viewer. On the one hand, it is an ode to life with which we wanted to indicate that it is important to reflect on beautiful moments and really enjoy them.

This film and accompanying campaign were created in collaboration with a large number of volunteers and professionals who worked on it free of charge. The film was shown in cinemas and online.

Social Media

On social media we asked viewers to upload a photo of a moment or person in the gallery with which they could indicate what they are grateful for. This was responded to en masse and in no time the gallery was full of photos of viewers. By taking the photo with the Fight app, it was put in a standard format with the text “Thank life for …”.