Sometimes you see a brand that you would like to work for. Because you see the potential, because it is a beautiful product, because it can bring about something in an area where change is needed. Birò is such a brand. The smart city cars of Birò can actually make a difference in the way people move through crowded cities. Let’s face it: here in Amsterdam the center is completely jammed almost every day and the air quality with all those cars is certainly not getting any better. If what writes is true, the average Amsterdam citizen inhales polluted air, with the equivalent of smoking 183 cigarettes every year. Is Birò going to solve this problem? Maybe not, but it can certainly contribute to improving air quality and traffic flow. In addition, this smart car brings a number of additional benefits for both the owner and the busy cities.

No, we do not have a Martin and Lewis Birò (yet), but we will help the team behind this innovative means of transportation to get more Biròs on the road and thus improve mobility in large cities. You probably have already seen one when you were in Amsterdam. With the Birò you drive cleaner and quieter and 100% electric. Moreover, you can always park for free and you do not pay any road tax. And a nice extra is that driving in the Birò is also great fun. The brand now has several showrooms in the Netherlands and ambitious plans for growth. We are happy to help with that! Together with Birò we will work on strengthening the brand, launch campaigns, spread information and raise awareness and acceptance amongst the various stakeholders. In addition, we have already given the necessary advice about the website.