Martin and Lewis has been the marketing agency for Zorgdomein since February and has been assisting the organization in positioning their brand and developing and implementing a marketing communication strategy in online and offline media channels.

ZorgDomein makes it possible for healthcare providers and their patients to choose the most suitable care digitally. Connecting patients, referrers and care providers digitally in order to make care function better and to keep it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the cooperation accelerated from day 1, with ZorgDomein being in the news several times, including at AvroTros Radar.

Frank Schippers: “When we started working with ZorgDomein in February, we could never have imagined that a few weeks later we would teaming up in ‘an unforeseen historical project’.”

What followed was a flying start together with the ZorgDomein team to support care as much as possible during this crisis with current data and solutions to get the delayed care started again. Current events put the strategy into practice and put it to the test.