Curious about our team? Of course you are!

How we work

Martin and Lewis is committed to long-term growth by building and developing relationships with a growing group of customers. We do this with the help of research and data, with which you can get to know your customers better and serve them better than the competition. With products or services that offer added value at the right price and with the right attention. In places where your customers want and can find and buy them. We generate interest, realize purchases and build loyalty through clear, recognizable and distinctive communication.

Getting more out of your market and your company and (finally) realizing the potential and ambition. That is what we as Martin and Lewis aim for, not only for our customers, but also for ourselves. Getting to know your business, organization and customers better and serving them with more value, turnover, returns and commitment for both.

In addition to dedication, hard drive, bags of knowledge and a critical sounding board, we offer our customers a team of driven and enthusiastic professionals. We regularly add one or more external narrow-minded consultants specialists from our extensive network to our team because each brand has its own specific challenges and needs. This ensures the best people at the table and prevents overhead caused by unnecessarily large teams.

It is also important to us that we believe in the products and services that our customers offer as much as our customers believe in the products and services we offer. Or was it the other way around? Our goal is always to build a long-term relationship. We don’t like to swipe from one client to the next, we’re not on Tinder.


It all starts with a game of question and answer

We ask questions, many questions. Sometimes difficult questions and all too often unexpected questions. To really understand what it’s about and to separate the facts from the assumptions. To get to the core and to make sure that we start working from a good basis. No hassle, no unnecessary reports and definitely no cheap marketing gibberish. We will deliver well thought out strategies and creative concepts that often also require some courage from our clients.


Roll up (y)our sleeves!

We immediately fix what needs fixing. No need to call this ‘low hanging fruit’, we simply fix it. Because small fixes make a client happy too and actions speak louder than words.

Our expertise

We do not want to position ourselves as a powerhouse, but with the years of experience and the sheer amount of talent there is a load of knowledge and skills at your service. And we are pretty proud of this, check it out:

  • Brand strategy
  • Data analysis & insights
  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate identity development
  • Concept development
  • Brand activation
  • Social strategy
  • Graphic, Motion- and webdesign
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Online / Social advertising


Now, we could say that happy clients are our biggest rewards, but then we run the risk of sounding a bit cheezy. Who doesn’t like some ego stroking through a nice award? It is a piece of recognition and something that you as a team can be proud of. We even bought a huge prize cabinet! And of course the medal that Marco won with karting also got a place.



Grow your business!

Growth in sales, brand awareness or perhaps in customer satisfaction? To achieve this, we will take shortcuts with more likes, more site visits or more newsletter subscriptions. We look at the full picture and together with our specialists we look at all the links in the chain. There’s nothing wrong with more site visits or more newsletter subscriptions, as long as it is quality traffic and desired newsletter subscriptions. Together with our customers we come to new insights that actually contribute to growing the business.


“With the right connections between different data sources and the correct interpretation thereof, you come to insights that you did not have before.”


Strategy and insights

A good strategy with concrete goals is a must if you want to be successful with your brand. A strategic plan gives direction to all involved. A clear strategy also ensures that the various teams within an organization can work on common goals more easily. This ensures more efficiency. When a brand does not have a clear direction and therefore priorities continue to change, this will cause confusion in the teams and doubts about the value they add to the organization. And the consumer? The consumer has already left the building.

In addition, data is perhaps just as important. With the right connections between different data sources and the correct interpretation of thereof, you get better insights: Insights that you didn’t have before. Not only important for yourself, but just as important for us, your agency business partner. There are more opportunities than you might think, but it is important to seize them!


Concept and design

With an attention bow that seems to shrink even harder than the average circulation of a magazine, the consumer seems increasingly difficult to reach for advertisers. The younger generations decide in a few seconds whether something is worth their attention or not and rely more and more on opinions and input from direct friends and like-minded. Where does this leave your brand? You will have to do more than advertise your product or service and come up with a good and original story to stand out and make a difference. Begging for attention by pushing your brand is not doing what it used to do. You have to come up with something worth the attention of your target audience. We strongly believe in the use of data and creativity whereby one reinforces the other.


(Online) marketing and social media

When we talk about growth, we also talk about numbers. A great (online) campaign that drives traffic to a poorly converting online shop is a waste of money. The same goes for ‘begging’ for likes, followers or traffic without having something worth the precious time of your target audience. You can no longer see this separately, especially with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and the ever-digitalizing society.

“People don’t read when they are online” is what you often hear these days. This is partially true, but especially true if you do not know how to fascinate your audience. Of course, people do read, also online, but perhaps less than they did in the past. Nobody will deny that the role of images and video has become increasingly bigger with the rise of better screens and faster connections. All the more reason to make your brand stand out, not only in copy, but also with your story and how you communicate this.

By the way, writing for a screen is a profession in itself, because in addition to your human readers, you also have to deal with search engines such as Google that also try to understand what you have written and what images you have in your article. This requires an adapted approach that we are happy to help you with.


Curious about what we can do for you? No idea where you should go with your brand or do you feel that things can and should be done differently? Then it’s time to visit the Bloemgracht. Contact us and ask for Marco or Frank.