An honest cup of coffee can also be just a tasty cup of coffee. We were able to taste this ourselves with the beans from the coffee connoisseurs of Coffee Shots. No burnt-out black tar, but light-burned aromatic beans that make the nose wings vibrate and tickle our coffee bone.

Coffeeshots gives coffee farmers an honest price for their coffee and only sells coffee beans that are purchased directly (direct trade) from the farmer at a fair price (the start of the value chain). Even after purchasing every kilo of coffee beans, the brand pays the farmers 2% of its turnover. This way, the coffee farmer also benefits at the end of the value chain and significantly increase his kilo yield. This improves the working conditions, allows better training and is able to innovate again. Coffeeshots does not want the coffee drinker in a coffee bar to pay a (too) high price for (not always) high quality coffee. Coffeeshots is going to show that high quality coffee is also possible at a fair price.

At Martin and Lewis we only serve Coffeeshots coffee now. Full of flavour and tastier than ever before. We also help Coffeeshots with (online) marketing and communication of their brand.