In addition to the campaign work, the development of POS material and a completely new website, Martin and Lewis has also developed a new packaging line for the Care Plus brand.

This process was carried out in close collaboration with the Care Plus team, where it was important that the entire line received a ‘refreshment’ without losing reference with the old packaging completely.

Basic principles of design

Designing a new packaging line is an intensive process, especially if so many factors have to be taken into account. This includes the aforementioned requirements, brand recognition, mandatory on-pack information, legibility, category classification, format, use of materials, different languages, good visibility on the shelf and, of course, understandable information for the consumer. A lot of knowledge and expertise is needed to take this into account in a packaging line with more than 100 SKUs.

Cost savings through more efficient purchasing and production

Not only was a design made for the new packaging line, we also sat down with Care Plus and the printers to achieve a more efficient way of production. This resulted in savings of more than 20%!

Design and test

To know whether the new line would meet the principles, the help of research agency and business partner Validators was called in to test various design variations of the packaging. With the data obtained from these studies, the designs were further optimized.

Research into layout, design, typography and materials
New line of icons for all packaging
Research on attention value, brand recognition, viewing focus and shelf presence for the new packaging.

Packaging photography and 3D

For the new packaging, photography was not chosen, as is usually the case. It was 3D modeling instead. Certainly for the products that are often used in different media, this has a number of advantages when properly addressed:

  • Products can be delivered quickly and easily at any angle without having to re-enter the studio
  • Products in series are always at exactly the same angle and in the same light
  • Products can also be animated for use in video
  • Special requests from customers or partners can be met quickly and easily, whether for print or online
One of the packages as the final render. Ready for digital application and in print.

Buy One, Give One

The Care Plus team is not only busy with supplying products and providing information. No, there is another thing that drives the team in Almere: the worldwide elimination of malaria. This disease makes millions of victims every year and kills more than 430,000 people every year, including many children. This must stop! The Buy One, Give One program contributes to the goal of a malaria-free world by 2030 and is so important to Care Plus that it has been included on every new Care Plus product package:


The result is a balanced design that is completely contemporary and does justice to what the Care Plus brand stands for: professional, clear, accessible and understandable. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information on the various product packaging, we have succeeded in putting a clear line in it by consistently implementing the choices made.