“This Voice Search thingy is going to be big, mark my words.” Now we know “big” is a stretchable concept, but it is undeniable that searching with voice is on the rise. In the US, more than a third of all households already have a smart speaker at home, and in the Netherlands this figure rises to 10%. And let’s not forget the mobile devices. Young people and their cell phones in particular enjoy it.

The main argument for using voice is the speed. You simply ask a question faster than you enter it on a keyboard or through texting. Moreover, you no longer need fingers, which is handy if you are in the car or on a bicycle or are just working on your favorite embroidery. And what about the group of 250,000 Dutch with a visual impairment?

At Martin and Lewis we follow these developments with great interest and meanwhile the first customer has also been launched in the audio search domain: Care Plus is now also available on the Google Assistant and in the near future this function will be expanded so that more knowledge and information becomes available to consumers through voice. Care Plus now also contributes to safe travels and great stories via the Google Assistant.