In addition to a large number of private individuals, ONVZ also had many companies as clients. These companies offered their employees a collective health insurance policy. ONVZ’s briefing was to come up with an idea that could reach both decision-makers and employees at companies in a relevant and original way. Their USP was the free choice of hospital for their clients.



ONVZ was the first health insurance company to offer the free choice of hospital in its package. To make clear what this meant for their corporate clients, we provided a special lunch. The ONVZ account managers made lunch arrangements with the companies, but the offered lunch had no menu to choose from, but a standard lunch with a cheese sandwich, coffee and a cup of milk. Quite annoying if you are not allowed to choose, right?

This approach scored well among customers because we raised the point of free choice in a low-threshold but very clear and direct way. The result was a well-filled agenda with meetings for ONVZ.


When the agreement was made and ONVZ visited a company, they came not only for the decision maker but also for the employees. ONVZ had so-called mobile Wellness Points with which an employee could have a short health check on the spot. This promotion also received a lot of sympathy from the client side.