We know Pon Power mainly from the large and heavy work: aggregates, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and asphalt pavers. And let’s be honest. These large diesel guzzlers simply do not have energy class A. But Pon Power is on the move when it comes to the environment, and this originally Dutch company now also has a department that produces and installs solar panels. No Chinese Alibaba quality, but solid stuff with reliable Dutch top service. As if it was always there!

Now the dutch need to know this, also the companies and entrepreneurs. And you don’t wrap news like this in a standard print ad with an installer holding a solar panel in his hands, right?

Exactly, we thought so too! So this needs to be more distinctive and creative, maybe tickle your funny bone a little bit. And if the customer dares to do it, your ad should actually be a centerfold in that business magazine or at least on a tile … ha!