In the past, we have often suggested to a client to work performance based. The initial response we always got was positive, but then this approach often failed because of the fact that a customer was not allowed to share company numbers, which is of course necessary to be able to pay for performance based. How nice that we now have a client who can share his numbers and therefore opts for performance-based.

The RBA fund is a fund of Stuiver Asset Management and they go pretty well on the stock market. We have developed the new identity for this RBA fund and also redesigned the website. The RBA fund is the smart alternative to saving, because with an interest rate close to 0, your savings account grows slower than your 14 year old brother’s moustache. But on the other hand investing obviously comes with risks. These guys have come up with something smart and more and more people know how to find this fund.

The first campaign is being prepared with the aim of converting as many leads into new customers and grow the existing clients. In addition, there are a number of events on the program that should also ensure more conversion.